Freedom of expression? Did Anonymous hacking group concur with Korean National Security Law?

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Freedom of expression 'Anonymous '
National Security Act that is approved ?

Anonymous shingles in the world of hackers , but not a meeting of a special organization based on the fundamental values ​​and beliefs of a meeting activity .

They are hiding the identity of each other via online chat and set targets to attack where an ongoing U.S. diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks disclosures or blocking of the financial activities of the master card , visa card , such as a DDOS attack to Internet censorship contrary , the freedom of expression of the basic beliefs .

A press conference is over
Anonymous Korea 'Free Korea " as the name of the operation 30 people rallying domestic hackers or four days ' our nation itself " was hacked on June 25 announced that it would further attacks .

They △ North Korea nuclear weapons production to stop and threatened to stop using the resignation of Kim Jong-un will be △ △ △ freedom will be the introduction of direct democracy to all citizens without censorship and the Internet will be demanding .

These are through the official Twitter account , "
Anonymous is not a malicious hacker groups . We love the peace . And the progress and maintenance of either has not been too inclined to say , "he said.

Anonymous oppose internet censorship and freedom of expression , Korean National Security Law penalty claim

But these are the official Twitter account for the National Intelligence Director "Hello. Our site's members have posted 9,001 people among our people is he good looking ? Haha. Take this opportunity to subscribe to our nation itself all Koreans punished according to the National Security Act gives the bar asked , "he wrote .

Anonymous_Korea @YourAnonNewsKR: "TO Director of NIS(KCIA), Hello. Did you read 9001 Uriminzokkiri members that we have uploaded? Ha ha. On this occasion, We request for punishment of all Koreans joined Uriminzokkiri according to the Korean National Security Law."

Internet censorship and freedom of expression against the
Anonymous is the result of their actions for the 9,001 people who will be called for penalties under the National Security Law . Tweet about this deletion was present .

Mall of jongbuk shirk "We have to act on the belief that only "

Ilbe 9,001 people published by the
Anonymous Korea on the basis of information about the break- in , forcing the Statue of Liberty , prosecutors launched an investigation including also the so-called " servants chasing 'is began, in order to avoid accusations that provide clues to the problem by deleting the tweets estimated.

Official Twitter
Anonymous Korea are the " NIS and public prosecutors on the basis of our investigation, we use the subscriber is ironic nation itself " , saying " they have a duty to let the public we picked it up it is also true that the investigation ," he accused .

Break- even for personal ilbe spiral "They also act deserves criticism . Hebrews personal indiscretions because pouring public , "said" We never say no euraneun hair . We are based on the beliefs of the public by hacking and site geotinde NIS account information , prosecutors, one sees that mowers use it , "said the law enforcement agencies of all the responsibilities attributed ilbe .

Anonymous ' and ' Anonymous Korea, " the difference

Anonymous Korea will also disclose personal information to hack it ' behavioral beliefs ' claiming ' personal hair never said, ' and all responsibility for the situation to be avoided .

Anonymous thus contradictory behavior , rather than a single organization, such as the belief that oppose internet censorship hackers loose network with discipline or behavior because of the guidelines exist independently .

In other words, if anyone claims
Anonymous members because they can be Anonymous . I hereby declare that the current Anonymous Korea Anonymous merely claiming to be a member , not someone who can verify the existence .

Just hack their belief system to meet
Anonymous meantime , depending on whether or not to see them Would Anonymous , can be seen as ahninya .

North Korean propaganda site, personal information Tainan gallery Democratic cares ?

Site was hacked " by our nation itself " is this a hacked site Tainan propaganda blow to North Korea is not the act of giving .

The hacking these targets are subscribed to the site to disclose the information it is' South I -Spy " by which they were required to disclose the North Korean human rights issues and the context of democracy and would not mind at all .

North-South confrontation in the South rather than the North in favor of these days I will reveal the names of those suspected to be strictly a ' jongbuk Mall ' piggybacking on no less than an act .

Anonymous Korea , if you oppose internet censorship ...

Julian Assange is the past
Anonymous through the WikiLeaks documents have revealed the secret diplomacy , diplomats and sources of information in the document name, and pointed out the problem with be exposed .

Assange published his autobiography, " the publisher's fault ' as it is turning to disclose their information problems caused by the war in Iraq dismissed as less severe than the 0 minutes and bought the issue .
Julian Assange created WikiLeaks

Julian Assange created WikiLeaks

Anonymous Korea eventually opposed the meantime Anonymous Internet censorship , freedom of expression, the value system and beliefs in front of the count of violations .

Anonymous their identity is not a legitimate reason to use the name , nor the further South in the Civil banbuk ideological confrontation merely reflects the act .

If Korea is aggressively
Anonymous and he did not disappoint their actions through personal whisk National Security Investigations and Internet censorship criticism of the ruler of this misunderstanding and mistrust would be the end .

Bing translator:

Anonymous (Anonymous) is a worldwide gathering of hackers in the despairing and special organization is based on the fundamental values and beliefs, but not to work.

These hides the identity of each other, as well as targeted attacks via on-line chat proceeded to set aside within the United States by foreign public or where Wikileaks has been blocked by the financial activities of master card, Visa card for di DOS attacks against Internet censorship, freedom of expression, such as a basic belief.

Anonymous, Inc., one media interviews through the landscape, Inc. is called ' OPS 30 domestic and overseas hackers to rallying, 4, ' uriminzokkiri ' hack and vowed to further attacks on June 25th.

These are produced in North Korea to stop nuclear weapons-weapons threats and stop-Kim Jung-Eun was going to resign-freedom will introduce direct democracy-all citizens have Internet access as well as to provide censorship.

These are the official Twitter accounts through the "I am not a malicious hacker group mus. We are peace-loving. And liberal and conservative, even inclined to either side of that says, "he said.

Freedom of expression and Internet censorship against anonymous, claimed the NSL punishment

But these are official Twitter account gives the National Intelligence Director "Hello. We're from the uriminzokkiri site members 9001 people well you're seeing? Haha. This opportunity to uriminzokkiri joined Koreans regard the punishment according to the law, both national security and request that is the bar, "he wrote.

Anonymous_Korea @YourAnonNewsKR: "TO Director of NIS(KCIA), Hello. Did you read 9001 Uriminzokkiri members that we have uploaded? Ha ha. On this occasion, We request for punishment of all Koreans joined Uriminzokkiri according to the Korean National Security Law."

Freedom of expression and Internet censorship, as opposed to the anonymous is the result of their act the penalty for national security law 9001 *. delete the contents of the current tweet.

Species in the North Mall of putting "we did act in accordance with the belief"

, In anonymous, Inc. released the biographical information about famous 9001 whisk scrambling, the Prosecutor has also launched an investigation, such as the so-called "Allison Mall ' starts now, in order to avoid accusations that provide a glimpse of the problem are believed to have deleted the tweet.

Currently anonymous, Inc. official Twitter, "based on our NIS and prosecutors open investigation of uriminzokkiri subscribers to use irony" OT "Let's reveal themselves to do this mission, we picked it up and the same goes for the investigation," it said.

Liberty wool on the spiral, Uribe also deserve criticism, "their behavior too. Since the Hebrews throughout public senselessly, "" liberty we have never told to wool. We have our beliefs are based on the hack and the site will disclose your account information, the NIS, the Prosecutor, had using it, see the "take full responsibility, saying Uribe and the investigation turned on.

' Anonymous ' and ' what's the difference between anonymous, Inc. '

Anonymous Korea hacked personal information disclosure and it ' while ' claiming to be acting in accordance with the belief that ' liberty said no, "and all of the hair is less evasive.

This contradictory behavior is anonymous is one organization opposed to Internet censorship, etc., rather than a belief in discipline or as a loose network of hackers with actions because to exist separately.

In other words, anyone claiming to be an anonymous members anonymous because it is going to be. Currently anonymous, Inc. is also a person who claimed to be a member of the anonymous only, someone can't jeungmyeonghaejul existence.

However, these hack has been anonymous adheres to the belief system of based on whether they would see it as anonymous, said.

North Korea South Korea propaganda site privacy disclosures, democratic no matter what Gallery?

Compromised sites are ' uriminzokkiri is called ' a blow to North Korea South Korea propaganda sites, this is not an act that gives the hack.

This is joined to the target of hacking the site these will disclosed information as a ' spy ' was released in South Korea by this they are asking residents in the North Korea human rights issues and democratization and nothing to do with the context of these things at all.

North Korea in South Korea from the North-South confrontation would be friendly to these estimated their roster will be released with the ' piggybacking on the North Mall ' or species differences.

Anonymous, Inc., opposes Internet censorship ...

In the past, anonymous was the Julian region through diplomacy, Wikileaks released confidential documents, the document, as well as diplomats and intelligence revealed that problems with the name.

Published his autobiography and was a producer of ' blame ' is a turn of the Publishing House's would disclose information Iraq war problems rather than dismiss it as less serious matters, was bought by gongbun.

Wikileaks was created by Julian Assange

After all, anonymous, Inc. are made anonymous as opposed to Internet censorship, freedom of expression of the value system and beliefs are contrary to the front.

Their identity Anonymous does not have a legitimate reason to use the name, further reflecting the South Korean in the North-South confrontation is the Act of anti-North Korea ideology.

If anonymous, Inc. acts as a Minister of their own more aggressively picked off and spawned Internet censorship by launching an investigation of the national security law [NSL] standards to end this misunderstanding and distrust in the criticism.

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